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Mad Men deals in complications that mirror the ugly underbellies and dead ends of genuine human lives. The show is an open text, in which the viewer is complicit in their own interpretation of the presented facts. You are forced to draw on your own personal experiences in order to read those offered to you by the show. If you want to remain an optimist about the world, then the show’s inherent cynicism may strike you as a fault, but if you’re a pessimist you might just view it as pragmatic realism. The ad might be perfect, the orgy might be massive, and maybe you’ll be seated next to a beautiful woman on the plane. They’re all just false endings. There’s always another day to conquer, and it never really gets any easier or more fun. There are peaks and valleys, wins and losses, but mostly there’s a lot of flat, ugly middle. The victories that you spend forever building end up being as ephemeral as fireworks, sparkling briefly before quickly fading back into the endless blackness of the nighttime sky.
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So these dumbshits don't get that until WWII at the earliest, black actors couldn't get jobs because all the roles for black characters were taken by white actors in blackface. In the meantime, here's an exhaustive list of white actors who couldn't get a job because of roles taken by black actors in whiteface:
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A comprehensive list.


This marks the third time in nine months a military officer in charge of sexual assault prevention has been accused of sexual assault: In May, the head of the Air Force’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program was arrested for sexual assault. Just eight days later, the Army sergeant in charge of sexual assault prevention at Ft. Hood was investigated on sexual assault charges, including allegations that he forced subordinates into prostitution.


The prettiest GIF that you ever did see.


Hank the #BallparkPup makes Sausage Race debut.


Hank the #BallparkPup makes Sausage Race debut.


BUY LESS CLOTHES! - Vivienne Westwood | TMI (Vfiles)


Dum Dum Girls - Too True To Be Good

Reading some dark stuff today.

As a security video clearly shows, a crewcut police officer darts to Kate’s side. A gloved hand reaches for her left arm. Like a sprung trap, she twists around, her right hand crashing two quick blows against the officer’s shoulder. His gloved right fist pulls back, then slams into her face. As Kate crumples, the officer clamps down on the back of her head, taking her to the floor. More cops pile in. With Kate pinned beneath his weight, the officer winds up and fires another punch.