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By leaving Miami to go back home to Cleveland, LeBron, who is worth far more to the N.B.A. than any owner, has taken back a fraction of the power he and other players have earned and continued the trend that he, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade started whereby players, still working within a restrictive and draconian labor system, can scratch out a small measure of autonomy. In professional sports, the players are the business. The league is stronger when it remembers that.
Jay Caspian Kang on LeBron James’s return to Cleveland: http://nyr.kr/1mH2m2S (via newyorker)

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How could anybody see Haim as anything other than completely new and exciting? To my ears they are totally brand new and alien. It’s like they took Amber Coffman from Dirty Projectors, with all her instrumental and vocal talents, cloned her twice and signed the results to a major label. The most notable thing I’ve noticed about Haim is this unique melodic thing. Their voices loooooove the 4th note (‘fa’) of the scale. They love to hit it, hold it and suspend it way longer than anyone else. The movement from the 4th note of the scale to the 3rd note — often deployed as a 4-3 suspension, Google for more — it’s full-fat, full-sugar. The richest dessert in tonal harmony. Stick with me through a couple of examples. The words that fall on the 4th-note are capitalized. ‘Falling’: “Don’t stop NO I’LL NEVER GIVE UP / AND I’LL NEVER LOOK BACK/ JUST hold your head up.” ‘The Wire’: ‘but I fumBLED IT / WHEN IT came down to the wire.’ Both songs have no 4s in their melodies until these coups de grâçe. They’d hit those 4-3 suspensions and my soul would soar, then a second later my heart would sink with the realization that these girls are better songwriters than I am ;_;

This game did not go as planned.

This is exactly what I call “free market priesthood”. Does Levitt have a model that shows that things like adverse selection, moral hazard, principal-agent problems, etc. are unimportant in health care? Does he have empirical evidence that people behave as rationally when their health and life are on the line as when buying a car? Does he even have evidence that the British health system, specifically, underperforms?
No. He doesn’t. All he has is an instinctive belief in free markets. Of course David Cameron didn’t “realize that health care is just like any other part of the economy” after a five minute conversation with Levitt. Levitt didn’t bring any new ideas or evidence to the table.


Watch the first trailer for the upcoming Elliott Smith documentary Heaven Adores You.

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Mad Men deals in complications that mirror the ugly underbellies and dead ends of genuine human lives. The show is an open text, in which the viewer is complicit in their own interpretation of the presented facts. You are forced to draw on your own personal experiences in order to read those offered to you by the show. If you want to remain an optimist about the world, then the show’s inherent cynicism may strike you as a fault, but if you’re a pessimist you might just view it as pragmatic realism. The ad might be perfect, the orgy might be massive, and maybe you’ll be seated next to a beautiful woman on the plane. They’re all just false endings. There’s always another day to conquer, and it never really gets any easier or more fun. There are peaks and valleys, wins and losses, but mostly there’s a lot of flat, ugly middle. The victories that you spend forever building end up being as ephemeral as fireworks, sparkling briefly before quickly fading back into the endless blackness of the nighttime sky.
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